Waterproofing and Restoration


AWRGroup brings great buildings back to vivid life...

—precisely and efficiently, with advanced technological know-how. AWR specializes in structural repair, roofing, historic restoration and exterior cleaning on private and commercial buildings of all types.

Every step of the way, from inspection and surveys to complex operations calling for the coordination of many different trades, the company provides an elegant, seamless, inter-communicative system of project management that fosters special relationships with people from all sides of the equations.


Founded in 1947, AWR has a performance record reflecting the leadership and commitment to long-term relationships of the principals at its heart: all are active in the day-to-day running of the company, conferring with estimating, production and financial departments, and meeting with potential and long-established clients.

This flexible interaction has, in turn, inspired a dedicated staff able to communicate and negotiate among the varied requirements of owners, tenants, architects and engineers, and to demonstrate the team work necessary to ensure that quality control can be exactly maintained.

AWR's project managers are skilled, caring professionals. who are introduced at the beginning of each project and remain in charge until its completion.

Experts at responding to today's challenges, their attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship provide for effective and thorough project control and are major factors in avoiding potentially expensive mistakes.

The AWR project manager's aim is more than completion: the objective is to restore a building's health and —along the way—take care of and satisfy the client's concerns. Indeed, the superior, highly personal quality of client service afforded by AWR has distinguished the company from its competitors in the restoration industry, and adds a special luster to a reputation built by living up to its word for over sixty years.

The past and present projects on this website have been chosen to show the diversity in size and purpose of the historic and contemporary buildings—landmark and otherwise—that AWR Group has revitalized, and to show the breadth of its services.

When selecting a contractor—never an easy decision—there needs to be the assurance that the company will be as concerned with organization as with performance; with cost effectiveness as with timely solutions; and with client/contractor communications as with the integrity of its work.

AWR Group Inc., is built on these very foundations.

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